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Film: Invisible Children - free and open to the public

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Every night, while we remain comfortably in our homes, thousands of children in Northern Uganda walk miles to a larger town, seeking a safe resting spot away from the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). These are the invisible children or "night commuters."

In order to avoid abduction, the invisible children crowd into bus parks, verandas and hospitals and sleep packed together because staying in their village homes is simply too dangerous. The LRA abducts children from their village homes and forces them to join the rebel ranks. Once the children are under rebel control, they are trained to kill under the threat of death and mutilation. Young girls are taken as sex slaves.

These innocent children are Invisible -- because they roam distant battlefields away from public scrutiny, because no records are kept of their numbers or age, because their own armies deny they exist.

Over the past 19 years, it is estimated that the LRA has abducted 20,000 children.

About the film

In 2004, Bobby, Jason and Laren, three guys from Southern California, went to Uganda in search of a film-worthy adventure. Instead, they found a story that permanently changed their lives. In Northern Uganda, they encountered the thousands of children fleeing the brutality of the LRA. They experienced first-hand the fear and pain that enslaves the Acholi people - fear of abduction, death, mutilation, rape and permanent separation from their families.

This 60-minute documentary tells the invisible children's story through interviews with Ugandan politicians, social workers, adults and the children themselves.

In response, they started a non-profit organization called Invisible Children. Please check outtheir website at for more information.


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